Maidan Suleimenov

Senior Partner

Maidan Suleimenov is one of the founders and Senior Partner of ZANGER Law Firm. He participated in drafting of more than 80 laws, including Constitution, Civil Code, Housing Code, Laws on Property, on Privatization, on International Commercial Arbitration, on Foreign Investments, on State Property, etc. Mr. Suleimenov is an author of more than 500 publications, including 40 monographs on the problems of civil, family, housing laws and international private law, problems on the ownership right, legal entities, contracts and foreign investments in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Other positions
  • Director of the Institute of Private Law at the Caspian Social University;
  • Chairman of the Kazakhstan International Arbitrage;
  • Member of the Board of the Kazakhstan Bar Association;
  • Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Council to the Economic Court of the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS).
Representative Work
  • was a chief of the Kazakhstani group in negotiations as to the Energy Charter Treaty in Brussels (from 1993 till 2004);
  • acted as a Legal Counsel of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for oil contracts;
  • advised foreign companies on privatization, subsoil use, finance and other spheres;
  • represented the interests of American energy company in privatization of the biggest power station;
  • acted as an expert on Kazakhstan law in court and arbitration proceedings in London, Washington, Stockholm, Houston, Calgary.

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