Licenses and Permits

ZANGER lawyers have a profound experience in the area of licensing and permission documents. Our service offerings include:

  • Due Diligence;
  • legal opinions;
  • licensing in various areas (construction, nuclear energy, telecommunications, etc.);
  • licensing of activities in the sphere of export and import of goods;
  • obtaining for foreign citizens of residence permits, business and investor visas, Individual Identification Numbers (IIN);
  • work permits;
  • construction permits;
  • permits for using of radio-frequency spectrum;
  • permits for emissions to atmosphere;
  • registration of vehicles;
  • registration of medications and medical equipment;
  • permits for advertising of medications and medical services;
  • resolution of disputes.


  office 27/28, 157 Abai av., Almaty, 050009,
  Republic of Kazakhstan

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