Drafting of Legislation

ZANGER lawyers have been members of working groups for the development of Kazakhstan legislation. This includes, inter alia:

  • Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Civil Code (General and Special Parts);
  • Law On State Enterprise;
  • Law On Privatization;
  • Law On Bankruptcy;
  • Law On Partnerships With Limited and Additional Liability;
  • Law On Economic Partnerships;
  • Law On Joint-Stock Companies;
  • Law On Real Estate Mortgage;
  • Law On State Registration of Rights in Real Estate and Transactions with It;
  • Law On Licensing;
  • Law On Private Entrepreneurship;
  • Law On Financial Franchise;
  • Law On Concessions;
  • Law On Subsoil and Subsoil Use;
  • Law On Oil;
  • Law On Foreign Investments;
  • Law On Land;
  • Law On Arbitration;
  • Law On International Commercial Arbitration;
  • Law On Social Organizations;
  • Law On Amending of Legislation on Islamic Banks and Islamic Financing;
  • Law On State Property;
  • Law On State Services.

Working groups with participation of ZANGER lawyers have developed Concepts of development of civil, administrative, arbitration legislation, as well as the Concept of development of civil legislation of Eurasian Economic Community member states.

We offer the following services:

  • drafting of legislative acts;
  • review and independent examination of laws and other normative legal acts;
  • preparation of commentary to legislation, analytical reports;
  • representation of a client at Government, Parliament and other state authorities in relation to development of legislation.
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